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With a more than 100-year history, we have a great track record for providing students an individualized educational experience. We bring together a dedicated community and highly qualified, motivated teachers to provide a truly exceptional K–8 education.

What are we most proud of besides our team? We pride ourselves on staying current with our green initiatives and our ability to keep up with new technologies in education. We're proud of our green initiatives and are privileged to utilize technology to expand and enhance the learning process for our students.

San Fernando Green Initiatives

From using solar power to run our school to starting a school greenhouse and garden, we continuously promote practices that benefit the environment. We understand this environment is the only one we get, so it is imperative that our students learn to appreciate and take care of it. For more information, please visit our Green Initiatives page.


Our students use up-to-date technology. We believe technology unlocks many valuable educational possibilities, so we provide each student with a computer and have a SMARTBoard in every classroom.

Parents, please remind your child that these technologies are a privilege we are excited to offer and to treat all equipment with great care.