San Fernando Green Initiatives

We are proud to provide our students with a safe, healthy, eco-friendly environment. Surely you’re familiar with the “reduce, reuse, recycle” motto, but there’s even more you can do to help. Check out our list of “Tips for Going Green.”

The following are some of the ways San Fernando has made an effort to help our local environment:

  • Starting a greenhouse
  • Composting—nothing goes to waste; even meat that students don’t finish at lunch goes home with them to feed to their dogs
  • Utilizing cisterns to catch rainwater for our garden
  • Growing almond, fig, and apple trees on campus
  • Maintaining a nature garden donated by Buenos Aires Nature Preserve
  • Running our school at 80 percent solar power
  • Teaching families about recycling and gardening
  • Planting native vegetation as part of a grant earned by former board member Melissa Owen, which helps to "seed" more native grasses

San Fernando Greenhouse & Garden

Responsibility and teamwork are only two of the reasons we love our school greenhouse and garden. The purpose of our greenhouse is to enhance the educational process through hands-on activities. Through our greenhouse, our students practice and mix science, math, social studies, and visual arts.

The greenhouse is an especially great tool for getting students excited about learning. Our students learn to be responsible for ensuring a seed grows into a healthy plant.

We invite all members of the community to tour our greenhouse to get a first-hand look at the beautiful plants our students have been growing this year.