School Services

The students of San Fernando Elementary are our top priority. We strive to provide every student with the resources he or she needs to thrive while attending school.

Food Services

While San Fernando does not have an official school lunch program, we are happy to provide lunch to our students each day. Our school office prepares a healthy and nutritious lunch with fruits, vegetables, and low-fat meats available to us, thanks to our supportive community.

If your child chooses to bring a lunch to school, we have two microwaves that our students can use to heat their lunches. Please remind them this is privilege.

We have several lunchtime rules to help ensure each child has a pleasant mealtime experience. Students should:

  • use appropriate dining room manners;
  • clean their area when finished eating;
  • not pop cups, bags, milk cartons, etc. in the lunchroom or outside;
  • not throw food or take food from other students;
  • keep their hands to themselves and talk quietly while waiting for food to be warmed in the microwaves;
  • not run in or around the classrooms, outside, or while waiting for their food to cook; and
  • never bring gum into school.

Health Services

At San Fernando Elementary School District, we partner with the Pima County Health Department to ensure our students maintain good health, and we partner with United Way’s First Things First to provide oral exams for our students. Your child’s health and safety are a priority. If a student is ill, he or she cannot perform academically to the best of his or her ability. Through our partnerships, we help keep our students healthy and performing at the highest level possible in the classroom.

If your child becomes ill during the school day, do not panic. We issue each teacher an emergency first aid kit, and we have trained our teachers to be ready for any physical emergency matter that arises during the school day. For more serious matters, we have a bigger first aid kit in the administrative office. However, our teachers understand that your child’s health is a priority, and they have the authority to call 911 if necessary.

Human Resources

San Fernando Elementary School District partners with the Pima County superintendent of schools to ensure we constantly recruit and retain highly qualified staff members. For more information, please visit our Human Resources page.